Kiev is the capital of Ukreaine. According to the theory, the city was founded at the end of the 5th - beginning of the 6th centuries. At the end of the 9th century the ancient state, Kyiv RusТ, was founded here. It had close relationship with many principalities and cities of other countries. These relations were more expanded after the baptism of RusТ in 988 by Prince Volodymyr. Kyiv was the important centre of the world trade. Kyiv monasteries (first of all the Kyiv-PechersТk Lavra) cherished education and public consciousness, created cultural treasures.

Lithuanian castle of the 14th-17th c.c. in Kyselivka
Kyiv remaines an outstanding educational cultural and spiritual centre of Ukraine. The city is decorated with such monuments of ancient architecture as: Golden Gates, St.Sofia Cathedral, the Large Steeple of Lavra, AndrewТs church, the imperial palace in Lypky and so on.

During the 1930s dozens of ancient temples were demolished with the Soviet power. Many monuments of the ancient architecture were ruined during the World War II.

Initial part of Khreshcatyk Street and Prorizna Street. Photo of 1941
Nowadays Kyiv is one of biggest European cities, polytical and business center of Ukraine. Its population is more, than 2,6 mln people.

National Emblem of Independent Ukraine
The territory of the city is 827

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